Looking for An Event

Looking for an event that not only aligns perfectly with your company’s culture

No more guesswork.

Maximum Event Experience takes the guesswork out of selecting the perfect professional and personal development opportunities by matching you (or your employees) to dynamic events that are selected specifically for you. No more endless searching through websites and wasting time reading descriptions; no more investing time and money attending mediocre events that don’t meet your expectations or address your unique needs.

Tailored just for you.

Whether you want your employees to learn about emerging trends in your industry, branch out into a new sector, or improve their customer service skills—or you simply want to find the perfect retreat to help them regroup and recharge after a big project, we’ll find the right event to meet your exact requirements.

It’s easy.

We make it easy to find the perfect event because we do the hard work for you. Simply tell our Event Experience Specialists about your company, your goals, and your budget. We’ll search our trusted network of creative event designers and use qualitative analysis and other techniques to preselect a handful of events for you. With only the best of the best remaining, we’ll send you details for each event so that you can make the final decision.

Get measurable results.

Make the most of your professional development budget and maximize ROI. By investing in our innovative process, you’ll have access to exclusive insights into upcoming events in your field. You may also qualify for discounted tickets on events that align with your business and mission. Our approach ensures that you, your employees and your organization receive the greatest value for the best price. 

Transcend the fiscal bottom line. 

Success requires fulfillment to truly be meaningful—much as feeling motivated, productive, and valued enriches lives above and beyond dollars. That’s why we only partner with event designers who are passionate about empowering and inspiring participants. The more we can all rise above our personal and professional comfort zones, the more we can fully embrace our highest potential in more globally engaged ways.

Are you ready to connect to more meaningful and memorable event experiences?