We launched Maximum Event Experience

We’ve been there and you probably have also.

Over the years, we have attended our fair share of events, conventions, conferences and retreats of all subjects and sizes. During our searches for events offering professional or personal development, we’ve visited hundreds of websites and sifted through description after description. Each time, we’ve selected the one event that we hoped would offer the best experience for the best price.

If the event was selected by an employer, we naturally assumed they had also done extensive research to find the right kind of event—whether it was to help us be more engaged, productive, knowledgeable, learned or satisfied. After all, registration fees, meals, accommodations and travel expenses are significant investments no matter who is paying for them.

An event experience begins long BEFORE you attend.

Once we were confirmed to attend an event, we looked forward to participating in innovative workshops, listening to engaging speakers and networking with others who shared our interests. That’s what event designers had intended for us, after all.

Sometimes, we found the events very rewarding. Other times, we left disappointed—either the event was poorly organized, the speakers were lackluster, or the subject matter missed the mark. Once it was over, there was little about the event that made us want to stay connected with the event designers or other participants. Surveys seemed like afterthoughts.

An event experience continues long AFTER the event is over.

If an event didn’t measure up, the reality is that all that anticipation, time, energy and money was wasted. And we weren’t alone. We encountered many other participants who felt the same way.

Wasn’t there a better way to connect participants with creative event designers to achieve mutually beneficial and lasting event experiences—leading up to, during and long after the event was over? Absolutely!

We launched Maximum Event Experience—a truly innovative and personalized full-service solution designed to:

  • SUPPORT INDUSTRY LEADERS by taking the timely and costly guesswork out of finding and choosing events that will be as relevant to your business objectives as they are meaningful and memorable for your employees. Ask us how.
  • EMPOWER EVENT DESIGNERS with the connections and solutions required to attract the right vendors, resources and participants—so you can deliver an unforgettable event experience. Let us connect you.


Are you ready to take your next event experience to a whole new level?