Climate Investing Conference will minimize the Carbon Footprint of the event by launching Mobile App

Climate Investing Conference will minimize the Carbon Footprint of the event by launching Mobile App

Notre Dame Climate Investing Conference, led by Mendoza College of Business, University of Notre Dame, will bring together researchers, business leaders, investors and environmentalists to explore role and potential impact of investing in regard to climate change. The conference, “Climate Investing: Transition to a Low-Carbon World,” will take place Sept. 29-30 in McKenna Hall on the University of Notre Dame campus.

“This conference is occurring at a most opportune moment,” said Leo Burke, the director of the Global Commons Initiative at Mendoza College of Business, who is leading the conference. “In June, the Vatican published Pope Francis’ encyclical Laudato Si’, which speaks to the moral issues involved. In December, the nations of the world will gather in Paris to address the issue of binding agreements on carbon emissions. We’re at the very beginning of a major shift in the global energy system. This has significant implications for every sector of society — including business.”

The event is open to the public. Attendees can register through the conference website at

Climate Investing Conference planning team has launched Mobile App for the conference to minimize the carbon footprint of the event. This includes minimizing the use of printed material. The mobile app will bring the experience at Climate Investing Conference to a new level where attendees will be able to see more, do more, and get more value out of the event—right from their mobile device.

Features of the app include:

  • The full event schedule sorted by day and speaker
  • Connect and exchange contact details with other attendees
  • Follow the event and post comments on Twitter at #ndclimateinvesting
  • See details about all of the speakers and sponsors
  • Catch notifications about networking opportunities, and other breaking events and news pushed directly to mobile device

To download and install the app, click here from your device. Or download the app directly from iTunes or Google Play.

This app performs optimally whether or not there’s an Internet connection. When connected, the app downloads updates (like a schedule or room change). Once downloaded, all of the data is stored locally on the device so it’s accessible even if there’s no Wi-Fi.

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