Experience of attending Cvent Connect 2015 at Las Vegas in 2015

Experience of attending Cvent Connect 2015 at Las Vegas in 2015

After attending the recent conference hosted by Cvent in Las Vegas at MGM Grand last week, I got inspired on what an event experience can be.

The great part of it was the unique personalization and creative blend between the physical and digital experience.

Cvent is a company that provides online solutions for events and surveys that collaborated with MGM Grand at Las Vegas to create a great educational experience for us. The crowd compass mobile app was the highlight of the full experience. Using the app I was able to see the schedule and connect with everyone in the conference. The push notification was letting me know about any changes in the breakout sessions. The text to my phone were letting me know if I was chosen for the special ticket or reward. The great part of the conference was the one-to one meeting with the vendors sponsoring the event. Ultimately it was very informative and did created more curiosity on what the future of event industry can become.  I drew inspiration from the interaction with other attendees and how events can change the way we think feel and act in our daily life.

This was a great event of a combination of b to b and b to c in the same conference. There was opportunity for one to one intimate conversation style interaction between attendees and vendors. The idea was not only to celebrate the success Cvent is going through currently but also interact with Cvent ’s 200 team members and get the feel of their culture. Cvent team members were very knowledgeable and gave us a glimpse of the event software world. These type of events  create opportunity to collaborate and generate revenue real time. I was able to connect withe the investors who were looking to invest in Cvent. This event not only created influence around the brand Cvent and MGM Grand but also an opportunity to generate pipeline of leads for future business. Over 1600 group buyers from around the world were present  to create a great opportunity for the venues to collaborate. I also felt from the interaction I had with event organizers that they were getting more support from c-suite because of powerful impact of events in the marketing mix. The event organizers talked about several ways to improve the experience for the clients and creating intellectual curiosity as one of the top one priority of the week. One of the vendors that caught my eyes was AVConcepts. They had their own space in the event and were very professional and creative bunch. We have technology now that can help understand the data collected from the events better and utilize then to give personalized experience. We can now get the engagement level of each attendees and also predict behavior using the data. We also learnt about how event organizers need to be more creative  and at the same time complaint specially in healthcare space.

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