Meaningful Experience is an Art

To maximize any event experience there are few things that are more important than the other. I remember attending a conference in my college days in which I was fully exhausted because I did not  have enough rest the night before the event. I was not present in the conference. I felt it was better for me to go back in the hotel room and take a nap. How many times have you experienced that? Those long flights and trying to wrap up all the assignment from work last minute, forgetting the business cards on the desk etc. Welcome, you are not alone who have experienced this in past. That is why I have created a Day 123 framework where day 1 is the moments before the actual event,conference,meeting or retreats. Day 2 is the actual event ( it can be a 5 day event or a 2 hour workshop). Day 3 is the moment after the event.
Day 1 and 3 is the preparation and follow up respectively and day 2 is the actual event. To maximize your experience of day  2 you must invest you time in day 1 and day 3. In fact that’s where most of the application from the learning from day 2 will fall. If you want to know more about the Day123 framework, visit our website at
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