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You deserve the very best event experience! Whether you are an executive, professional or entrepreneur searching for transformative events, or an event designer dedicated to revolutionizing the event experience for participants, our Event Experience Specialists offer the following personalized, full-service solutions:


As an industry transformer, searching for events that not only align perfectly with your company’s mission and culture—but truly mobilize and engage employees—can prove costly or disappointing if you don’t know where to look. How can you narrow down your options while ensuring the event has what it takes to inspire participants to be more creative, knowledgeable and productive? Let our Event Experience Specialists personalize the process of matching you and your employees with the ultimate event experience. Connect with us and we’ll help you maximize and reward your investment.


As an event designer who is ready to take your event to the next level, recruiting dynamic, creative vendors and innovative resources is critical your success. You also want to find quality participants who will anticipate, engage in and resonate with the event experience in lasting ways. Let our Event Experience Specialists personalize the recruitment process, deliver exceptional value and help you achieve measurable outcomes. Partner with us and explore new ways to transform the event experience and leave participants wanting more—and telling others.


If you attend events to fuel your greater purpose in life and ignite your passion to help solve global challenges, let’s get started! Maximum Event Experience channels first-hand experience, innovative tools, and extensive networking resources to introduce you to the right events, at the right time, and for the right cost. Show me how.



If you’ve attended an event, conference or retreat that failed to meet expectations, that’s one too many. Why waste all that anticipation, time, energy and money when there’s a way to simplify the search, personalize the selection process, and experience extraordinary events? About us.

Latest News

Decision – Which event to attend?

The reason we attend events can be several,but the decision to go or not is decided by you or your employer. Each experience during the event changes your perspective of world and has influence on the future decisions. Companies and entrepreneurs who have become proficient at making wise decisions, without being influenced by the opinions […]

Climate Investing Conference will minimize the Carbon Footprint of the event by launching Mobile App

Notre Dame Climate Investing Conference, led by Mendoza College of Business, University of Notre Dame, will bring together researchers, business leaders, investors and environmentalists to explore role and potential impact of investing in regard to climate change. The conference, “Climate Investing: Transition to a Low-Carbon World,” will take place Sept. 29-30 in McKenna Hall on […]

Experience of attending Cvent Connect 2015 at Las Vegas in 2015

After attending the recent conference hosted by Cvent in Las Vegas at MGM Grand last week, I got inspired on what an event experience can be. The great part of it was the unique personalization and creative blend between the physical and digital experience. Cvent is a company that provides online solutions for events and […]

Understanding your competition

As you look for attending or sponsoring an event for growing your business, you must know your competitive advantage. What differentiates you from your competition? The only way to understand your competition is by doing full research on their products,services and market share. The point is not to copy them but to create unique value […]

Meaningful Experience is an Art

To maximize any event experience there are few things that are more important than the other. I remember attending a conference in my college days in which I was fully exhausted because I did not  have enough rest the night before the event. I was not present in the conference. I felt it was better […]

Clarity- Key to great experiences

To discover an experience that helps you be more innovative and energetic, you must be aware of what you want. If you attend an event that is not resonating with you than you are wasting precious moments of your life that you could have spent with your family or business otherwise. People who attend right […]

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